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#1 integrated backup and security

Real-time reporting on your most important metrics.

Anti-malware and antivirus actively protects your data, applications and systems from today’s advanced attacks.

With Iris Securities, you gain extended functionalities of Iris Active Protection to protect your data in real-time with MI-based static and behavioral heuristic antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies.

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What we offer

Gain a unique competitive advantage and increase your profitability with essential cyber protection functionalities that cover all workloads.


Stay ahead of modern cyberthreats with award-winning anti-ransomware enhanced with anti-malware capabilities that complement your clients’ antivirus. Prevent data leaks via local channels.

Backup and recovery

Minimize data loss across your infrastructure and workloads with the best backup and recovery technology, available in consumption-based or per-workload licensing models.


Centralize your protection management and provision endpoints in minutes. Remotely assist and assess system vulnerabilities and security gaps. Increase visibility with built-in monitoring and reporting.

Disaster recovery

Allow clients on DR-enabled tenants to establish secure connection to the corporate network with their personal devices, or test failover in an isolated network environment.

File sync and share

Increase productivity by enabling you to create and securely share corporate content from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Only get charged for the storage you use.


Ensure the integrity of data, while achieving regulatory transparency and decreasing security risks with a blockchain-based service for file notarization, eSigning, and file verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Iris' advanced anti-malware gives you peace of mind by delivering outstanding multilayered threat protection. It uses a set of integrated technologies that address specific attack vectors:

  • Superb protection against known and unknown malware, including ransomware, cryptojackers, and fileless attacks.
  • Behavioral analysis and dynamic detection rules that combat any emerging threats.
  • On-demand antivirus scan that checks all files on your computer for any kind of malware: Trojans, viruses, backdoors, worms, keyloggers, spyware and others.

Iris continuously safeguards your device and backups from the latest cyberthreats.

Yes. Iris anti-malware uses a set of integrated technologies that deliver data protection capabilities many third-party antiviruses don't.

  • It keeps your backup safe. A dedicated module of Iris anti-malware protection guards your backup files and the backup agent, preventing deletion or alteration by malware.
  • It restores ransomware-affected files automatically. The majority of other security software only prevents the attack, without automatically recovering the ciphered data.

We are aware that you may have specialized antivirus, web filtering, or other security software installed on your device. Although we recommend uninstalling the third-party software and fully relying on Iris' anti-malware solution, you can still keep it active.

Iris' anti-malware protection is compatible with most common anti-malware solutions. They do not conflict with each other for resources and do not create extra overhead on the system.

However, our real-time protection switches on only if there is no third-party real-time protection solution running on your device. If third-party software is detected, you'll receive a message on your protection dashboard notifying you that another piece of software is protecting you from malicious files.

Note: If you continue using an existing third-party solution for device protection rather than Iris' anti-malware, we cannot guarantee the reliability of that third-party protection.

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